July 31, 2015

Many people do not like to plan their demise but a will is an important document which should be addressed. If you do not have a will, your family may need to apply to the courts to get your assets. Your assets may not be distributed in the way which you had hoped or planned but never documented. Many people look for the cheapest rates to have a will prepared but do those wills do what the person wants? If you are a business owner or have many different assets, it is worth while to plan your succession. Gary R Landa, CA Professional Corporation can help you plan your will. A lawyer should be the one who prepares the will. Many lawyers do not explain the selections that you have made and the implications that arise when you pick that item. Gary Landa and his team can explain those to you. Remember, there is no right and wrong decision, the will is what you want to happen. In many cases, I have seen the wording in the will does not provide the results that the person was anticipating.